Making Games with TouchDevelop

Join Microsoft Evangelist Amanda Lange as she shows you how to use one of Microsoft’s simple beginner-oriented coding tools, TouchDevelop! Make your own simple mobile games and apps using the touchscreen or mouse – no typing needed. Follow a basic template to create a game like some of your favorite mobile titles, or get as creative as you want, easily adding art and sounds from around the internet. Then publish your game directly to your own mobile device to share. No coding experience required!

Intro to Construct 2 Game Development

Are you interested in publishing HTML5+JavaScript games for modern smartphones, tablets and web browsers? Learn about how you can build games for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Web and virtually any modern smartphone/tablet/browser platform, using Construct 2.

Byte the Pi (For High School Students)

Hi High Schoolers! Ever wondered how Google Searches work magically? Ever wondered how new friends are recommended on Facebook, and you actually know them? Ever wondered how you can send and receive texts using WhatsApp? There ain’t no magic – it is all logic. That is the power of computing. Industries thrive on technology, making lives easier, and keeping people connected. It sure is exciting to USE technology – but it is more fascinating to BUILD it. Attend the Byte the Pi workshop by FireEye, to get the flavor of computation, Raspberry Pis, and Python as a coding language. Bring along your thinking caps, your creativity, and questions for the women engineers from FireEye, who will share why they love making technology!

Byte the Pi (For Undergraduate & Graduate Students)

If you are in college or grad school, you are welcome to attend the second session of Byte the Pi, to dive deep into Raspberry Pi setup, Python as a coding language, and some fundamental computing concepts! Build your own completely functional module of code that you can show off to your friends after this hour long workshop.

Come, Fly the Finches

Finch robots are tiny USB-powered robots that were developed specifically to learn programming. These robots can be controlled from programs written in almost dozen languages. We are going to use Python that enables kids to program the finches for carious movements, dance steps and sense it surroundings. They can also write a few simple programs for the robot to move around, sense obstacles & light, play tunes and even draw pictures with a marker & a sheet of paper!

Interactive Games with Scratch

Have you ever wanted to build your own games to play with friends? Do you want to explore game building, storytelling and interactive art? Come to this workshop to learn about the programming language, Scratch.