Computing Unplugged

This workshop will present a variety of hands on activities for introducing and motivating basic concepts of computing and computational thinking, primarily for K-12 students. Basic concepts include: binary number systems, error detection and correction, networks, information theory, algorithms for searching, sorting, and divide and conquer, public key encryption, and several more. Some of the activities presented are from the Computer Science Unplugged project. This workshop is for you if you are interested in engaging young minds, either as a career path or a sidelight, or wish to understand the fundamental of basic computing concepts.

Presenter: Dr. Peter Henderson

Dr. Henderson earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering from Clarkson University and Princeton University. He retired after 30+ years as a computer science professor at The State University of New York at Stony Brook and Butler University. The tail end of his academic career was devoted to computer science education, in particular, the mathematical foundations of computing, computational thinking, and exposing young minds to fundamental computing concepts.

Intro to Adobe Illustrator

This workshop will provide an introduction to basic skills on Adobe Illustrator. Material covered will introduce vector images and will include how to use them to create cool graphics that can be used for posters, projects, artwork, etc.

Presenter: Meg Richey, Western Albemarle High School

Meg Richey is a tenth grader at Western Albemarle High School. She has a passion for computer science. She appreciates how computer science is involved in every aspect of life, even when it is not immediately apparent. She is very excited for CAPWIC 2016 and to meet many influential women working to bridge the gender gap.

MAXX CTF (Capture the Flag)

Learn by doing! This workshop offers a hands-on approach to learning computer science and security concepts. Hack, decrypt, reverse, and do whatever it takes to solve increasingly challenging security puzzles.

Presenter: Kim Mahan, CEO, Max Potential

Kim started her first website business in 1996 and has been working with emerging technologies ever since. She has held technology positions with global responsibility at GE Corporate, GE Industrial Systems and Genworth Financial. Kim founded MAXX Potential in 2012 with a goal of providing affordable technology solutions, while also growing the pool of technical talent in our region. She also serves on the board of Richtech, Richmond’s technology council and STEM education foundation, where she co-founded the Women Etc conference and Techsters program for middle school girls.