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Time Title Location Description
4:00PM - 8:00PM Registration Jones Dining Hall Check in at Registration.
5:30PM - 6:45PM Dinner and Keynote Jones Dining Hall
Inspiration from “hidden figure”, Dr. Gladys B. West, who made seminal contributions to the global positioning system (GPS)
Lance Collins

Virginia Tech

The Earth is not a perfect sphere. Indeed, it’s shape is far from round, and that complexity must be accounted for to achieve accurate GPS. My presentation chronicles the contributions made by Dr. Gladys B. West, an African American mathematician. Born in rural Dinwiddie County, Virginia in 1930, Dr. West studied mathematics at Virginia State University before joining the Naval Proving Ground in Dahlgren, Virginia, where she led the effort to accurately map the surface of the Earth, leading to centimeter precision in modern GPS systems. Her remarkable achievements against all odds are an inspiration to us all; however, this talk is not just a tale of individual exceptionalism, but rather a reminder of the lost opportunity incurred by society overlooking the talents that women and minorities can bring to the technological workforce. Indeed, this motivates our goal to make the Virginia Tech Innovation Campus the most diverse graduate tech program in the country.

7:00PM - 9:00PM Game Night and Ice Cream Social Jones Dining Hall Bring your own board game!
Time Title Location Description
8:00AM - 8:50AM Breakfast and Registration Hunter McDaniel Atrium
8:50AM - 9:00AM Opening Remarks Hunter McDaniel 150W
9:00AM - 9:40AM Keynote Hunter McDaniel 150W
Anjali Mirchandani


There is a whole big world of computing beyond the traditional technology companies that can lead to exciting careers. Through this talk Anjali gives us a glimpse of the technology that runs the international hotel chain giant and the endless opportunities it holds for women in technology. Anjali invites you to go over her journey at Hilton and share her personal experiences as a woman in technology and some compelling take aways to lead a fulfilling life.

9:40AM - 9:50AM Break Break
9:50AM - 12:50PM Resume Review Hunter McDaniel 154w Bring your resume to be reviewed by VSU Career Center and other tech professionals
9:50AM - 10:50AM Parallel Sessions
Hunter McDaniel 150W WillowTree Apps Workshop
Agile Mindset through Games
Hunter McDaniel 151W Birds of a Feather
ChatGPT in the Classroom

Nargess Tahmasbi, presented by Megan Olsen

Hunter McDaniel 155W Panel
Pursuing Graduate School in Computing

10:50AM - 11:00AM Break Break
11:00AM - 11:40AM Parallel Sessions
Hunter McDaniel 150W WillowTree Apps Workshop
Agile Mindset through Games (continued)
Hunter McDaniel 151W Birds of a Feather
What does your [Women in] CS club do?

Emma Dougherty, Alexa Gonzalez, Mary Monaco, Kayla Weldon, Jennifer Kay, and Nancy Tinkham

Hunter McDaniel 155W Tech Talk
ThoughtSwap: Reinfrastructuring Classroom Discourse to promote Conscientious Discourse

Chandani Shrestha, Michael C. Stewart and Deborah Tatar

11:40AM - 11:50AM Break Break
11:50AM - 2:50PM College and Career Fair Hunter McDaniel Atrium
11:50AM - 12:50PM Parallel Sessions
Hunter McDaniel 150W Panel
Becoming a Tech Leader
Hunter McDaniel 151W Student Research Shorts
JACart: James Madison University Autonomous Cart - A Research Prototype

Amber Oliver, Samy El-Tawab and Nathan Sprague

Automatic Detection of News Media Framing

Syeda Sabrina Akter and Antonios Anastasopoulos

Hunter McDaniel 155W Panel
Designing Apps for Diversity: Building Bridges through Mobile and Web App Development

Scott McCrickard, Joon-Suk Lee, Chandani Shrestha and Mohammed Seyam

12:50PM - 2:10PM Lunch and Poster Session Hunter McDaniel Atrium
Towards Improving Access to Healthcare in Virginia : A Cross-Dataset Analysis

Ebtesam Al Haque, Angela Smith and Brittany Johnson

How do cybersecurity attack vectors affect our perception of personal data?

Lauren Rousseau

A Parallel Spatiotemporal Clustering Algorithm with MPI in Analyzing Ground-lightning Dataset

Mia Pham, Endre Szakal, Zhuojun Duan, Mace Bentley, Tobias Gerken and Dudley Bonsal

Assessing the Effect of Urbanization on Water Quality in Chesapeake Bay: An Analysis with Geospatial Tools

Zahra Rizvi

Using Lexicon and Machine Learning-Based Models for Sentiment Analysis in Arabic to Predict Migration Routes

Jenny Park, Lisa Singh and Ameeta Agrawal

Playlist Manager: Understanding Data Structures

Lillian Powell

Hybrid Prediction Markets for Estimating Research Reproducibility

Tatiana Chakravorti and Sarah Rajtmajer

Parody, Joke, or Insanity? Retracted Publications Continue to Garner Attention

Autumn Toney and Sara Abdulla

Determining the Factors that Contribute to the Retention of Women in Cybersecurity

Neha Shijo

2:10PM - 2:50PM Parallel Sessions
Hunter McDaniel 150W Tech Talk
Building Strong Foundations: An Introduction to AI Foundation Models

Cheryl Howard

Hunter McDaniel 151W Student Research Shorts
A Study of Computational Reproducibility using URLs Linking to Open Access Datasets and Software

Lamia Salsabil, Jian Wu, Muntabir Hasan Choudhury, William A. Ingram, Edward A. Fox, Sarah M. Rajtmajer and C. Lee Giles

Authenticating Truth in Motion: A Decentralized Framework for Identifying Fake Messages in VANETs

Susan Zehra

Hunter McDaniel 155W Flash Talks
Fighting Imposter Syndrome with your Authentic Self

Kennedy Toomey

Knowledge Graphs of TV Show Plots

Veronica Cagle, Rachel Potter and Laman Aliyeva

Priam: A Solution for Handling Concerns of Virginia State University Students

Isaiah Freeman

2:50PM - 3:00PM Break Break
3:00PM - 4:00PM Parallel Sessions
Hunter McDaniel 150W Workshop
Workshop: Designing Mobile Games for the Outdoors: From Interesting Ideas to Working Games

Scott McCrickard, Morva Saaty and Jaitun Patel

Hunter McDaniel 151W Student Research Shorts
Inside the echo chamber: Linguistic underpinnings of misinformation on Twitter

Xinyu Wang and Sarah Rajtmajer

Detecting Digital Chameleons: How Phone Type and Personality Impact Likability of Texters

Brooke Nixon, Lisa Kiang and Nicole Guajardo

Hunter McDaniel 155W Panel
Choosing a Career in Tech
4:00PM - 4:10PM Break Break
4:10PM - 4:50PM Parallel Sessions
Hunter McDaniel 150W Tech Talk
Automated Attendance-checking System Using Bluetooth

Mona Rizvi

Hunter McDaniel 151W Tech Talk
Reliable Operation of Heterogenous Systems: Challenges & Opportunities

Lishan Yang

Hunter McDaniel 155W Flash Talks
AI in the Next Generation of Networking

Sophia Stil

Designing Non-blocking Data Structures

Emil Hofstetter

AI Uses in Oil Transportation Infrastructure

Eleanor Haas

4:50PM - 5:00PM Break Break
5:00PM - 5:40PM Keynote Hunter McDaniel 150W
Computing Research Careers
Sandhya Dwarkadas

University of Virginia

In this talk, Sandhya will give you a glimpse into the challenges and rewards of academic, industry, and national lab careers in computing research, and the skills for success in each.

5:40PM - 6:00PM Closing and Award Ceremony Hunter McDaniel 150W